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The Press in Kansas; Towns Springing Up

Kansas Weekly Herald
Leavenworth, Kansas
September  22, 1854  

The Press in Kansas. We have seen many paragraphs going the rounds of the press, concerning papers to be established in this Territory, some of which may be expected out during the coming winter, but most we apprehend will delay their enterprises until spring. Among those mentioned are the following:

Kansas Pioneer, to be published at Atchison, by Sexton & Hazzard, to advocate Southern interests.

Kansas Free Democrat, to be published at Leavenworth by George Brewster, and advocate Northern interests.

The Herald of Freedom, to be published at the seat of government by George W. Brown.

It has been reported that the office of the Liberty (Mo.) Platform is to be removed to this place and a paper started by Robt. Kelly, to advocate Southern interests.

We have seen a notice of the removal of a New Hampshire paper to Kansas, but have forgotten the name of the paper and that of its publisher. We are sorry to see that these presses come here for the purpose of promoting agitation and stirring up strife among the people. It is always painful to see that noble engine of power and intellectual culture, the press, perverted to evil ends. We hope that our brethren of the press will think better of their enterprises and come to assist us in suppressing fanaticism. If they come as messengers of peace and concord, we shall hail their advent with delight, for there will be room and good work for all, but as promoters of discord we have no wish to see them come.

Towns in Kansas. Towns are springing up in various parts of our young Territory. On the Missouri, besides Leavenworth, there are Atchison, near the mouth of Independence Creek, and Kickapoo city, at the lower end of Kickapoo Bluffs. Atchison has a very good site and will always have a good landing. Its situation is elevated and will afford many fine lots for building residences and business houses....Kickapoo city has an elevated situation with a good landing, which will be permanent....On Kansas are Douglass City, New Boston, Tecumseh City, and perhaps other places laid off. Douglass City is the first above the Shawnees' reservation, 40 miles from the Missouri line and about 30 from this place....New Boston is the focus of the New England emigration and is a fine location. It is known in the territory as "Yankee Town." They have already some 200 men in and about the town, and are preparing to build up a manufacturing city. It is about 50 miles from the mouth of the Kansas, and 35 from this place. Tecumseh City is further up the Kansas, on the north side....

Copies of the Herald, neatly enveloped, can at all times be had at this office at 5 cents per copy or 50 cents per dozen.

We are under obligations to the gentlemanly clerk of the fine steamer Australia for late St. Louis papers. We are indebted to the clerk of the fine steamer Admiral for late papers.

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