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Kansas Tribune
Topeka, Kansas
December  10, 1855  

Vol. 1, No. 31. J. Speer & W. W. Ross, editors.

*The Invasion of Kansas. For the last three weeks our Territory has been in a terrible state of excitement, owing to the invasion by a large party of Missourians who threatened to demolish Lawrence. The pretext for this villainous and disgraceful invasion was an alleged resistance to the laws by the people of Lawrence and vicinity, and the charge of burning the houses of pro-slavery men and driving them from the Territory; but the real object was to drive anti-slavery men away, and deter others from coming....

Removal. The Kansas Tribune has been removed to Topeka, the capital of the State of Kansas, where it will hereafter be published....Circumstances which it is now unnecessary to explain, have compelled the suspension of our paper for a few weeks. The loss is ours, as we shall send 52 numbers to each subscriber for his year.

Apology. We are ashamed of the paper which we present to the people of Topeka on our debut in their beautiful city. The war has delayed us, and the Constitution has monopolized our space. Our outside being worked some time ago at Lawrence, we are compelled to leave the old date on a portion of our papers....

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