First and Only Paper in Flourishing Territory 1854

First Press in the Kansas Territory 1854

The Press in Kansas; Towns Springing Up 1854

Herald of Freedom Founded in Lawrence 1855

Vol. 1, No. 31. J. Speer & W. W. Ross, editors.: * 1855

Lincoln in Kansas! His first speech! 1859

From the State Capital....Sol Miller is a "brick." 1862

The Press of Kansas. We believe the following to b 1862

We have neglected to notice the Fort Scott Monitor 1863

*The fight between Ewing and Anthony is still wagi 1863

*Additional News from Lawrence! Terrible Scenes!.. 1863

*The Raid on Lawrence! Particulars and Incidents!. 1863

*It will be remembered that John Speer of the Lawr 1864

Vol. 1, No. 1. M. M. Murdock, editor and proprieto 1872

Modern Improved Methods of Printing 1900

Kansas Newspapers by NamePress

The Kansas Newspaper Database contains excerpts from the following newspapers. Select a paper to view articles about newspapering published in the paper.

Abilene Chronicle  Abilene 

Argentine Argus  Abilene 

Atchison Champion  Atchison 

Atchison Daily Champion  Atchison 

Atchison Union  Atchison 

Atchison Weekly Champion  Atchison 

Atchison Weekly Globe  Atchison 

Belleville Telescope  Belleville 

Beloit Courier  Beloit 

Beloit Gazette  Beloit 

Big Blue Union  Marysville 

Blue Valley Telegraph  Waterville 

Camp Fire  Cawker City 

Cawker City Free Press  Cawker City 

Cawker City Ledger  Cawker City 

Cawker City Public Record  Cawker City 

Cawker City Sentinel  Cawker City 

Cawker City Times  Cawker City 

Cawker City Tribune  Cawker City 

Chief (Troy)  Troy 

Chief (White Cloud)  White Cloud 

Concordia Empire  Concordia 

Concordia Expositor  Concordia 

Concordia Republican (formerly Expositor)  Concordia 

Council Grove Democrat  Council Grove 

Council Grove Press  Council Grove 

Council Grove Republican  Council Grove 

Council Grove Republican-Cosmos  Council Grove 

Daily Capital  Topeka 

Daily Evening Journal  Leavenworth 

Daily Kansas State Journal  Topeka 

Daily Times  Leavenworth 

Dickinson County Chronicle  Abilene 

Doniphan Weekly News  Doniphan 

Downs Chief  Downs 

Downs Globe  Downs 

Downs Headlight  Downs 

Downs News  Downs 

Downs News and Times  Downs 

Downs Times  Downs 

Downs World  Downs 

Ellis County Star  Hays 

Ellsworth Reporter  Ellsworth 

Elwood Advertiser  Elwood 

Elwood Free Press  Elwood 

Emporia News  Emporia 

Evening Daily Call  Leavenworth 

Express  Manhattan 

Falun Post  Falun 

Farmer's Mail and Breeze  Topeka 

Farmers' Advocate  Salina 

Fort Scott Daily Monitor  Fort Scott 

Fort Scott Democrat  Fort Scott 

Free Press  Smith Center 

Free State  Lawrence 

Freedom's Champion  Atchison 

Freemen's Champion  Prairie City 

Great Bend Register  Great Bend 

Harlan Chief  Harlan 

Harlan Enterprise  Harlan 

Harlan Weekly Chief  Harlan 

Herald of Freedom  Lawrence 

Home Record  Leavenworth 

Hutchinson News  Hutchinson 

Iron City Press  Rosedale 

Junction City Daily Union  Junction City 

Junction City Statesman  Junction City 

Junction City Union  Junction City 

Junction Sentinel  Junction City 

Kansas Acorn  Leavenworth 

Kansas Chief  White Cloud 

Kansas City Journal  Kansas City 

Kansas City Star  Kansas City 

Kansas City Sun  Kansas City 

Kansas Commoner  Leavenworth 

Kansas Constitutionalist  Doniphan 

Kansas Daily Register  Leavenworth 

Kansas Daily State Register  Leavenworth 

Kansas Evangel  Lawrence 

Kansas Express  Manhattan 

Kansas Farmer  Leavenworth 

Kansas Free State  Delaware 

Kansas Freeman  Topeka 

Kansas Freie Presse  Leavenworth 

Kansas Frontier  Junction City 

Kansas Monthly  Lawrence 

Kansas National Democrat  Lecompton 

Kansas News  Emporia 

Kansas Optimist  Jamestown 

Kansas Pioneer  Kickapoo City 

Kansas Press  Council Grove 

Kansas Real Estate Advocate  Lawrence 

Kansas Real Estate Herald  Wyandotte 

Kansas Spirit  Lawrence 

Kansas Spirit  Lawrence 

Kansas State Journal  Lawrence 

Kansas State Record  Topeka 

Kansas Statesman  Junction City 

Kansas Temperance Palladium  Lawrence 

Kansas Territorial Register  Leavenworth 

Kansas Tribune  Topeka 

Kansas Underwriter & Real Estate Advocate  Lawrence 

Kansas Weekly Herald  Leavenworth 

Kansas Weekly Tribune  Lawrence 

Kanzas News  Emporia 

Kirwin Chief  Kirwin 

Lawrence Daily Reporter  Lawrence 

Lawrence Daily Republican  Lawrence 

Lawrence Journal  Lawrence 

Lawrence Republican  Lawrence 

Lawrence State Journal  Lawrence 

Lawrence Tribune  Lawrence 

Lawrence Weekly Press  Lawrence 

Leavenworth Chronicle  Leavenworth 

Leavenworth Conservative  Leavenworth 

Leavenworth Daily Conservative  Leavenworth 

Leavenworth Daily Times  Leavenworth 

Leavenworth Dollar Dispatch  Leavenworth 

Leavenworth Evening Republican  Leavenworth 

Leavenworth Journal  Leavenworth 

Leavenworth Republican  Leavenworth 

Leavenworth Times  Leavenworth 

Leavenworth Weekly Conservative  Leavenworth 

Leavenworth Weekly Inquirer  Leavenworth 

Leavenworth Weekly Journal  Leavenworth 

Lecompton Semi-Weekly Union  Lecompton 

Lecompton Union  Lecompton 

Line-Up  Kansas City, Kansas 

Logan Enterprise  Logan 

Manhattan Express  Manhattan 

Manhattan Nationalist  Manhattan 

Marion County Record  Marion Centre 

Marshall County Democrat  Marysville 

Marysville Enterprise  Marysville 

Marysville Locomotive  Marysville 

Milford Times  Marysville 

Minneapolis Sentinel  Minneapolis 

National Democrat  Lecompton 

News and Advocate  Salina 

Olathe Mirror  Olathe 

Osage Chronicle  Burlingame 

Osborne Farmer  Osborne 

Portis Independent  Portis 

Portis Patriot  Portis 

Public Press  Leavenworth 

Public Record  Topeka 

Quindaro Chindowan  Quindaro 

Rooks County Record  Stockton 

Rosedale Enquirer  Quindaro 

Ross's Paper  Coffeyville 

Russell Record  Russell 

Salina Herald  Salina 

Saline County Home Journal  Salina 

Saline County Journal  Salina 

Saturday Evening Lamp  Downs 

Scottsville Advance  Scottsville 

Settlers Adviser  Concordia 

Smith County Journal  Smith Center 

Smith County Pioneer  Smith Center 

Smoky Hill and Republican Union  Junction City 

Solomon Valley Pioneer  Lindsey 

Spirit of Kansas  Lawrence 

Squatter Sovereign  Atchison 

St. Joseph Weekly Gazette  St. Joseph, Missouri 

Star of Empire  Topeka 

State Record  Topeka 

Stockman and Farmer  Kansas City 

Stockton News  Stockton 

Telegraph  Waterville 

Territorial Register  Leavenworth 

The Bulletin  Fort Scott 

The Freeman  Leavenworth 

The Globe  Portis 

The Home Journal  Lawrence 

The Independent  Harlan 

The Industrialist  KSAC, Manhattan 

The Kansas Farmer  Topeka 

The Kansas Free Press  Smith Center 

The Kansas Herald  Leavenworth 

The News  Salina 

The Owl  Kansas City, Kansas 

The Pioneer  Smith Center 

The Record  Smith Center 

The Salina Herald  Salina 

The Union Leader  Kansas City, Kansas 

The Volunteer  Fort Scott 

The Wasp  Rosedale 

Topeka Capital  Topeka 

Topeka Commonwealth  Topeka 

Topeka Daily Capital  Topeka 

Topeka Tribune  Topeka 

Tribune  Topeka 

Union  Junction City 

Waterville Telegraph  Waterville 

Weekly Bulletin  Atchison 

Weekly Bulletin  Leavenworth 

Weekly Chronicle  Leavenworth 

Weekly Commonwealth  Topeka 

Weekly Free Press  Atchison 

Weekly Free Press  Topeka 

Weekly Herald  Lawrence 

Weekly Herald  Leavenworth 

Weekly Home Journal  Ottawa 

Weekly Inquirer  Leavenworth 

Weekly Kansas Chief  Troy 

Weekly Kansas Tribune  Lawrence 

Weekly Leavenworth Herald  Leavenworth 

Weekly Leavenworth Inquirer  Leavenworth 

Weekly Ledger  Leavenworth 

Weekly Public Press  Leavenworth 

Weekly Tribune  Lawrence 

Western Economist  Lawrence 

Western Giant  Marion Centre 

Western Home Journal  Lawrence 

Western Home Journal  Ottawa 

Western Kansas Express  Manhattan 

Western News  Marion Centre 

Wichita City Eagle  Wichita 

Wichita Daily Democrat  Wichita 

Wichita Tribune  Wichita 

Wichita Vidette  Wichita