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Leavenworth Weekly Inquirer

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Vol. 1, No. 7. Burrell B. Taylor, editor.: The edi ...
April 17, 1862, Leavenworth Weekly Inquirer (ID 4072)

Vol. 1, No. 7. Burrell B. Taylor, editor.

The editor of the White Cloud Chief is quite wrathy at us because we don't like his pets, the abolitionists and the niggers; and especially because we are a Democrat and in favor of the Democratic party, which he calls a secession party. He hadn't heard, when he got so mad, that the party which he calls secession had whipped his pets, in this city, in a fair election contest by a very decisive majority....We assure him that Democracy, which he calls secesh, is growing very rapidly down this way and is spreading out with extraordinary vigor. This cry of "secesh" by the nigger Republicans don't scare grown up men down here any more. It's played out....But, Mr. White Cloud Chief, as you are fond of inventing characters for other people, now hear us describe yours. In your paper you openly justify nigger-stealing; and hence are a bad citizen, a traitor to the Constitution of your country....

Subscribers by the score rush to us; job work is rushing upon us; money is rushing into our pockets; our "experiment" is succeeding with a rush, and we mean to go it with a rush, and rush the Abolition party to "that bourne whence no traveler returns."


*New Firm. It will be seen...that Adams, Taylor an ...
May 15, 1862, Leavenworth Weekly Inquirer (ID 4088)

*New Firm. It will be seen...that Adams, Taylor and Ronan have become the owners of the Inquirer establishment, having purchased the entire interest of the retiring partner, Mr. Driggs. No change is made or contemplated in the editorial department. Never have we known an enterprise which has, for the time it has existed, been so eminently successful. The Inquirer is prosperous beyond our most sanguine expectations.

*The Real Secessionists. We have heretofore said, and we repeat, that the real secessionists and the worst are the abolitionists. They are the primary and moving cause of our present calamities and troubles. It is their conduct, their villainies, which furnished the South with a pretext for secession. With the Abolitionists, Wendell Phillips is a great man. They are therefore bound to take his testimony. About a year ago he made a speech in the Tremont Temple in Boston, in which he used the following language: "The anti-slavery party had hoped for and planned disunion, because it would lead to the development of mankind and the elevation of the black man." And then he exultingly adds: "In six months I expect separation. The game is up, the Union is at an end. We have purchased nothing but disgrace. The North is bankrupt in character as in money. Before the summer ends, we shall see two Confederacies." While this arch traitor was uttering such treason, in the great city of Boston, Democrats all over the country were being seized and sent to prison on mere suspicion of disloyalty to the government. It seems almost incredible, but it is so....


Col. Martin retires today from the duties of provo ...
May 20, 1862, Leavenworth Weekly Inquirer (ID 4091)

Col. Martin retires today from the duties of provost marshal of this city....We have naught to say in condemnation of Col. Martin, and trust that, to whatever field of operations he may be called in future, he may acquit himself with equal honor with that which has characterized his operations during his sojourn among us as military chief of our municipal affairs.


*The Times is very indignant because we accused Ge ...
June 5, 1862, Leavenworth Weekly Inquirer (ID 4098)

*The Times is very indignant because we accused Gen. Blunt of being a Black Republican. In doing so, we but echoed the accusation of nearly or quite all the abolition press of Kansas. They have laid the same charge at his door; and as they are loyal, you know, we did not think it would be regarded as disloyal to repeat their charges. We beg pardon, if it is; but the fact is, General Blunt has no right to embrace such politics, if they are disreputable. It is bad luck for him, we grant, to be caught in such a scrape, but then it is no fault of ours. Before General Blunt came here, the Times intimated he was a fool, but since he has come in command of this Department, the Times has taken it all back. And so, if we have given offense in charging the General with being a Black Republican -- following in this the example of the abolition papers -- can't we be allowed to do as the Times has done, take it all back?

*"Kidnapping" and Rascality. There is being carried on, under this term "kidnapping," one of the most infamous and villainous systems that ever disgraced a country which has a system of laws for its government. Injustice, the most foul and oppressive, is constantly practiced upon those who, it is pretended, are kidnappers....In the first place,...there is an association in this city, a voluntary association, organized for the avowed purpose of violating the laws, known by the title which it has given itself, "The Kansas Emancipation League." The purpose of this voluntary organization is to get negro slaves from their masters in Missouri by any means that can be adapted with success, by inveigling, stealing or coercing them from their masters; and, if a slave has fled from his owner, this association protects and harbors him....


*Both Wilder and Parrott endorse President Lincoln ...
October 30, 1862, Leavenworth Weekly Inquirer (ID 4225)

*Both Wilder and Parrott endorse President Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation. Under such circumstances what Democrat can vote for either of them?...The Lawrence Journal, which is the peculiar organ of Parrott and the Union ticket, says that Parrott...endorses the President's Emancipation proclamation. On this all-important subject there is no difference between the two men. No Democrat who loves the Constitution of his country or has the least respect for his time-honored principles can vote for either of these men.

We have just received a copy of the Daily Atchison Union. It is a neat little sheet, but we'll be hanged if we can find out what its politics are. The tone of it is conservative, yet it hoists the name of Wilder.