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News and Advocate

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If we should stand at the delivery boxes at the di ...
December 19, 1879, News and Advocate (ID 1910)

If we should stand at the delivery boxes at the different post offices or be present at the festive boards when this number first meets the thousand eyes, we would see looks of surprise. We trust the change will, in all respects, be acceptable to our readers. It is but the commencement of improvements we contemplate.

We never were partial to "patent" papers. We feel like publishing our own paper rather than employing someone else to do it for us....Under our management, the paper would be the same whether known as the Salina News, Farmers' Advocate or conducted under some other name....In parting with the old name, we must tender our regards for the good it has done in the sole capacity....


Svenska Harolden, Salina -- The Farmers' Advocate ...
January 1, 1880, News and Advocate (ID 1920)

Svenska Harolden, Salina -- The Farmers' Advocate came out last week changed and a good deal better looking. It is now a four-page, seven-column paper. Its name is The Salina News and Advocate....

Solomon Sentinel -- The Farmers' Advocate, Salina, has changed its maiden name to The Salina News and Advocate. It has also changed from a patent inside to a home print, and is now the best paper in Saline County.

Lindsborg Localist -- The Farmers' Advocate, now owned by Johnson Bros., has been changed to an all-home print and, in our opinion, is much better than before.

McPherson Star -- The Farmers' Advocate comes to us this week with a new name, new head, new form, and new proprietors. It is...published by Johnson Bros.


Our great progress in journalism is shown by the f ...
January 30, 1880, News and Advocate (ID 1938)

Our great progress in journalism is shown by the fact that in 1775 there were in the United States less than 40 newspapers and periodicals, whose aggregate issue for that year comprised 1,200,000 copies. Now the united press publishes over 500 daily newspapers, more than 4,000 weeklies, and about 600 monthly publications.

Of the dailies that existed in 1870, about 800,000,000 copies were struck off that year; of the weeklies, about 600,000,000, and of other serial publications about 100,000,000, amounting in all to 1,500,000,000 copies.

And, to sum the matter up yet more forcibly,...the United States publishes more newspapers, with greater combined circulation, than all the other countries of the world can together boast of having.

The oldest newspaper of uninterrupted publication in this country is the Hartford Courant, which has already attained the hoary age of 116 years....

The office and building of the Globe at Cherryvale was destroyed by fire on the night of the 21st. It was a stone building and the office was in the second story. O. Henderson, the foreman, and William McCain, a printer in the office, and C. C. Kendeck, a railroad employee, were burned to death in the conflagration.


The Golden Belt editors -- This association held i ...
April 16, 1880, News and Advocate (ID 1964)

The Golden Belt editors -- This association held its semiannual meeting at Junction City last Friday....The next meeting is to be held at Salina in September....At Fort Riley, they were treated to a grand reception and music by the 16th Infantry Band and were splendidly treated by General Pennypacker, commander of the fort.

Kansas newspapers -- Judge F. G. Adams, secretary of the Kansas State Historical Society, has forwarded to us a list of Kansas newspapers and periodicals. The report shows there are issued in the state 21 dailies, 273 weeklies, 3 semi monthlies, 21 monthlies, and 1 quarterly, making in all 319 publications. The society receives all but 11 of these papers, and they are bound for permanent preservation as state property. The publishers contribute their issues and make no charge for them. In after years, these papers will form a most valuable part of the history of the state, being and containing that history itself in the clearest shape. Judge Adams is doing an efficient work for the state in the position he occupies.