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Squatter Sovereign

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Volume One of the Squatter Sovereign in Atchison ...
February 3, 1855, Squatter Sovereign (ID 3073)

Vol. 1, No. 1. John H. Stringfellow & Robert S. Kelley, editors.

Introductory -- Today we make our bow to the public for the first time from our sanctum in Atchison, and if we seem awkward, or should stumble, it must be attributed to our extreme modesty, and to the novelty of our situation....Our aim in the conduction of this paper will be to advocate the doctrine of "Squatter Sovereignty," or the right of the people in the Territory to exercise the same sovereignty which they possessed before emigrating thither. And furthermore to have engrafted into our constitution, when we shall have grown old enough, the institution of Negro Slavery; as being an institution calculated to enhance the value of our lands, conduce to the aggregate and separate wealth of the Citizens, promote the interest of the Negro, elevate the standard of freedom, Religious enjoyment, and all our Social and Political rights and privileges -- as being an institution eminently suited to perpetuate our peculiar form of Government; necessary to the happiness of the Negro, and designed by the great Author of our existence for wise and beneficent purposes.

In conducting our Journal we wish to be courteous to all who may differ with us....To our old friends in Missouri, we appeal with confidence for that material aid in the way of subscription which is so indispensable in carrying our paper; assuring them that by our united efforts we shall reap a rich REWARD by seeing HEMP, in rich luxuriance, covering our fertile prairies -- a sight so cheering to those who advocate the institution of slavery.

"Negro Slavery no Evil." We commence this, the first number of our paper with the above caption on the subject of slavery, which though lengthy, we yet feel assured will be read with much interest by our numerous subscribers....We ask our free-soil readers to give it a careful reading.

To the Patrons of the Democratic Platform. The undersigned would ask as a favor that his old Patrons who are indebted for subscription, job work, or advertising, would forward the respective amounts due immediately. The new enterprise we have embarked in requires capital....Money enclosed in a letter directed to the undersigned at Atchison, Kansas Ter., in the care of Abell & Stringfellow, Weston, Mo., will be promptly received. -- Robert S. Kelley.

Notices of the Press:

The Squatter Sovereign. May be found in this week's paper the prospectus of a paper bearing the above title, which will be published in a very short time in Atchison, K.T., by our old friends, Dr. J. H. Stringfellow, formerly of Brunswick, and Rob. S. Kelley, the editor of the Democratic Platform, published in Liberty (Mo.) until a short time since. We will endorse them as being sound on the Slavery question.... -- Richfield Enterprise.

Squatter Sovereign. This is the name of a new paper (the 1st No. which is before us), just started at Atchison, K.T., by Stringfellow & Kelley. The latter late of the Democratic Platform, Liberty, Mo., the former Dr. J. H. Stringfellow, late of Platte City in this county. -- Weston Reporter.


This is to inform the public generally that Genera ...
June 19, 1855, Squatter Sovereign (ID 3108)

This is to inform the public generally that General Stringfellow is not the Stringfellow of the Squatter Sovereign. Dr. J. H. Stringfellow is the senior editor of this paper. Gen. Stringfellow has never been in this place in his life, altho' reported by the Eastern press as living here. We give this notice because we are not willing to hold Gen. Stringfellow responsible for what may appear in this sheet, and further as our Mr. Stringfellow is a member elect of the Kansas Legislature, and expects to immortalize himself there, he wishes to preserve his identity.


Platte Argus -- This staunch journal comes to us t ...
October 16, 1855, Squatter Sovereign (ID 3130)

Platte Argus -- This staunch journal comes to us this week greatly enlarged and otherwise improved....The Argus is a good family paper, being Southern in feeling, in sentiment and in action. It is the only paper published in Weston....

The Weston Reporter's late editor is now a resident of this territory and is a toad in the puddle with other Abolitionists. The present editor of the Reporter is a fresh importation from "Yankee Land," and is trying to trick the people into the belief of the "soundness of his goose."


Our Southern Exchanges would confer a great favor ...
November 27, 1855, Squatter Sovereign (ID 3141)

Our Southern Exchanges would confer a great favor on us, and at the same time be promoting the cause of the pro-slavery party in Kansas, if they would call attention to our paper, and give the terms and its place of publication....We receive letters by every mail from the South, asking our terms, and feel confident, were they known, we would have an extended circulation throughout that section of the country.


*At our Press Again. -- After two weeks suspension ...
January 1, 1856, Squatter Sovereign (ID 3150)

*At our Press Again. -- After two weeks suspension, the Squatter Sovereign again makes its appearance. When our readers are informed that our entire force, including Editors and Jours, enlisted in the militia and responded to the call of the Governor for assistance in executing the laws of the land, they will readily acknowledge our excuse is a valid one....


With the present number of the Squatter we close t ...
March 4, 1856, Squatter Sovereign (ID 3163)

With the present number of the Squatter we close the first volume. One year ago, in a room, through the roof, sides and floor of which the snow poured, 'til it was a foot deep all over the office and the paper for the first number, which had just been wet down, frozen into a solid block, we commenced operations. The junior was compositor and press man, the senior was editor and devil. After getting ready for press, the paper had to be thawed out, sheet at a time, with a flat-iron, and thus we got off our first number, which amounted to two thousand copies. Of this number, there were about one hundred actual subscribers. Some two hundred we sent to exchanges, and the rest we sent to the names of pro-slavery men....Of all the large number, about fifteen or sixteen hundred, not over a hundred were returned....We can congratulate our pro-slavery friends upon the certainty of Kansas continuing to be pro-slavery in feeling, and asking admission into the Union as a slave state. Of this we have no kind of doubt....But "dear friends, kind friends, sweet friends," we are poor -- you must send us the money for the paper.