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First Press in the Kansas Territory 1854

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Modern Improved Methods of Printing 1900

The Freeman

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Vol. 1, No. 1. Journal of Science and Literature. ...
November 0, 1873, The Freeman (ID 1285)

Vol. 1, No. 1. Journal of Science and Literature. W. S. Burke, editor. S. D. Street, publisher. Published monthly, Commercial building, 217 and 219 Delaware St. Single copy, one year, $1.50. Ten or more copies in clubs, $1.25.

Introductory....This journal shall at all times and upon all subjects say just what the editor thinks, no matter how much or how violently such views may conflict with the time-worn customs or stereotyped notions of that undefinable faction of the human sum total which we call "society" would be to give the best statement possible of what we propose to do....A very large proportion of the space in our columns shall be given to subjects purely literary ? good stories, lively miscellany, interesting essays, etc. Everything pertaining to the field of science shall also receive a fair share of attention....Politically, The Freeman will have no party predilections, though we shall always discuss freely, and as candidly as possible, all political topics which commend themselves to the editor as worthy of consideration. Socially, we shall advocate such measures of reform as we think calculated to bring the greatest good to the greatest number....Religiously, The Freeman will not be a Christian paper; not even in that broad and comprehensive sense which includes as nominally Christian those papers that serve the devil all the week and publish church notices on Sunday....

The presswork of The Freeman is done on the steam job press of the Leavenworth Commercial, and the clear impression upon its pages reflects credit upon the superior facilities of that establishment.


(Newspaper advertisements in boxes): Neosho Valley ...
February 0, 1874, The Freeman (ID 1306)

(Newspaper advertisements in boxes)

Neosho Valley Register, published every Saturday by Louis Walker & Co., Iola; The Grasshopper, G. A. Huron, published every Thursday at Grasshopper Falls; Daily Atchison Patriot, Nelson Abbott, Atchison, the principal Democratic newspaper in the state of Kansas; The Traveler, published at Arkansas City, C. M. Scott; Fort Scott Pioneer, an independent political newspaper published by Allair & Sargent, Fort Scott; Pleasanton Observer, published every Saturday in Bachelder building, Main Street, Pleasanton, Linn County; Leavenworth Daily Argus is the only Democratic paper in Leavenworth City; Leavenworth Commercial is the leading Republican daily of Kansas, Houston & Shaw, daily, tri-weekly and weekly; Blue Rapids Times, published weekly by C. E. Tibbets; Netawaka Chief, S. L. Roberts, published every Saturday at Netawaka, Jackson County; Wyandotte Gazette, published every Friday by R. B. Taylor, Wyandotte.