First and Only Paper in Flourishing Territory 1854

First Press in the Kansas Territory 1854

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Herald of Freedom Founded in Lawrence 1855

Vol. 1, No. 31. J. Speer & W. W. Ross, editors.: * 1855

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Modern Improved Methods of Printing 1900

The Kansas Free Press

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Vol. 1, No. 1. Neely Thompson, editor. J. H. Sells ...
October 3, 1879, The Kansas Free Press (ID 1871)

Vol. 1, No. 1. Neely Thompson, editor. J. H. Sells, business manager.

Prospectus. Upon this, our first issue, we present to the citizens of Smith County a short resume of general principles....I shall make few promises, but those few I propose to keep. The Free Press will be radically Republican in politics but, in discussing the issues between the two great parties of the country, we shall endeavor to treat our opponents with fairness and courtesy....We shall neither be led or driven into purely personal controversies....Being satisfied that, by the successful resumption of specie payment, the finance question has been removed from politics, we shall treat of but two phases of it. (1st) We shall favor the abolition of national banks and the substitution of national currency, redeemable at the will of the holder, in gold or silver coin of the U.S. (2nd) We shall oppose the issue of any more bonds of the U.S. We shall always be found of the side of decency, morality, civilization and the good of humanity in general....