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The Kansas Herald

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The Kansas Tribune. This abolition sheet published ...
May 18, 1855, The Kansas Herald (ID 3100)

The Kansas Tribune. This abolition sheet published at the hotbed of isms -- Lawrence -- has the rash desperation to rush to the defense of the foul and bloody murderer, the brutal and dastardly assassin, McCrea, with all the zeal and animation of a Philadelphia lawyer. It is strange that this two-penny sheet -- as low, contemptible and mendacious as it is -- should undertake to defend the bloody wretch, McCrea, from public censure when the circumstances attending the murder conclusively show it was deliberated, premeditated and planned by the murderer....The Tribune, in a long article upon "the shooting affair at Leavenworth," when speaking of McCrea, says: "with McCrea we are personally acquainted and know him to be a peaceable man." Such a declaration!...To falsify this assertion it is only necessary to refer to his conduct at the meeting where the fatal tragedy occurred....