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The Salina Herald

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Vol. 1, No. 1. B. J. F Hanna, editor.: Our Positio ...
February 16, 1867, The Salina Herald (ID 711)

Vol. 1, No. 1. B. J. F Hanna, editor.

Our Position....We propose...to print a Republican paper. More: we propose to publish a paper fully up to the results of the late war, and the intelligent progress of the nation. Still more: we propose to aid in purifying the dominant party in Kansas until an honest, independent party shall exist, worthy of its great principles....To aid in the accomplishment of such a purpose, The Herald, politically, proposes to devote itself. It will never lose sight of the fact that it is a newspaper -- a newspaper of the "Great West," the farthest west upon the Eastern belt....

To Our Patrons. The first number of The Salina Herald is before you, to speak for itself. Having had an experience of nearly 20 years as a journalist, we have few apologies to offer or promise to make. If you like the paper, if you think it deserves your patronage, call at our office on Iron Avenue and subscribe....

The Delay. This first number of The Herald has not appeared as soon as was expected when we first brought the press and type to Salina....All printers will know -- and none but printers can fully understand -- that it is a work of some magnitude to fit up a printing establishment in a frontier locality, such as our town just now is, and obtain by sending to the foundries and warehouses eastward just such stock and material as may be needed. Soon the track will be laid and regular trains running to our place, and then we can procure what we need without the long delays....

It will be observed that there is very little margin on the sides of this issue of our paper....When we returned to Salina with our press, type, &c., we ordered a supply of paper from Leavenworth....The last news we had of it, it was on the top of a wagon on the thither side of Chapman's Creek....