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The Volunteer

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Vol. 1, No. 1. E. A. Smith, editor.: Our Paper. Fo ...
March 31, 1862, The Volunteer (ID 4062)

Vol. 1, No. 1. E. A. Smith, editor.

Our Paper. For seven long months the Fort Scott Democrat has been silent, while we, the editor thereof, have been making our home on the "tented field." Having returned home for a time, we have concluded to issue an occasional paper, which, in honor of the gallant troops concentrated here, we will call the Western Volunteer. Its columns will be largely occupied with army news, not contraband -- but we shall also keep posted on other important topics of the day. We shall continue to issue the Volunteer as long as we can make it pay; and, if we have a fair prospect of success, we will make it a permanent affair. But we do not intend to work for glory. Glory's "played out." Unless we can make a living at it, we will adjourn sine die....We are indebted to the typos of the Ohio Cavalry for invaluable assistance in preparing our little sheet for the press....

Der Deutsche Krieger. Our German friends of the 9th Wisconsin issued a paper from our office a couple of weeks since. It was printed on tissue paper, there being no other in town. Of the character of the Deutsche Krieger we can say nothing, for it's "all Dutch" to us.


With many thanks for the liberal patronage bestowe ...
April 5, 1862, The Volunteer (ID 4069)

With many thanks for the liberal patronage bestowed on our first issue, we again make an editorial bow to the public and present that important body with the second number of the Volunteer....Any items of general interest, spicy squibs, and, in short, any and every thing which will make the Volunteer more interesting, will be thankfully received....All communications must be short and to the point, and gassy effusions must be retained for more extended columns.


The Fort Scott Bulletin. The above is the name we ...
April 26, 1862, The Volunteer (ID 4076)

The Fort Scott Bulletin. The above is the name we have chosen for our newspaper, the publication of which will be commenced as soon as we can send to Chicago and obtain a head. In the meantime, we will continue to publish the Volunteer.

Our terms will be strictly and invariably pay in advance....The Bulletin will be furnished to subscribers at the following rates: Single copy, 1 year, $1; 6 months, .50; 3 months, .25. The Bulletin will be independent so far as state politics are concerned, but we will give the National Administration our earnest and hearty support so long as it pursues its present course in regard to the Southern Rebellion.


Next week we expect to publish the first number of ...
May 3, 1862, The Volunteer (ID 4079)

Next week we expect to publish the first number of the Bulletin....Those who are entitled to papers by virtue of unexpired subscriptions will be supplied until their time expires.