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Weekly Leavenworth Herald

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Vol. 1, No. 12. Wm. H. Gill & Co., proprietors. Th ...
August 6, 1859, Weekly Leavenworth Herald (ID 3594)

Vol. 1, No. 12. Wm. H. Gill & Co., proprietors. The Daily Herald is published every morning (except Monday), No. 38 Delaware Street, between 2d and 3d....The Weekly Herald is published every Saturday morning....Wm. H. Gill and L. J. Eastin, editors.


We issue this week 2,000 copies of the Weekly Hera ...
August 13, 1859, Weekly Leavenworth Herald (ID 3596)

We issue this week 2,000 copies of the Weekly Herald, a portion of the number to campaign subscribers. It gives us pleasure to announce this cheering fact, as it shows that Kansas has a reading Democracy and the Democratic watch-fires are burning brightly. The Weekly Herald should be in the hands of every Democrat of Kansas. An important contest is before us and the unvarnished truths which it will contain, week after week, will be needed to disprove the misrepresentations and expose the heresies of an unscrupulous opposition....


E. W. White sends us 30 additional subscribers to ...
September 17, 1859, Weekly Leavenworth Herald (ID 3611)

E. W. White sends us 30 additional subscribers to the Campaign Weekly Herald, making 130 subscribers that he has sent us. He writes, "I have 40 more that I will forward this week."...He will get the Daily Herald as the premium....

The postmaster at Whitehead forwarded us yesterday a club of 40 subscribers....Thus the work goes bravely on. From every quarter of the Territory, subscriptions are pouring in.

Paper Warehouse. We call attention to the house of Moore & Laurey, St. Louis, dealers in paper and printer's materials generally.


Our old friend, R. L. M. McEwen, known in this cit ...
October 29, 1859, Weekly Leavenworth Herald (ID 3640)

Our old friend, R. L. M. McEwen, known in this city as a "typo," and at one time foreman of the Ledger, has turned up at Junction City, where he is acting as foreman and local in the office of the Statesman....


Suspension. By the following, from the editor of t ...
March 10, 1860, Weekly Leavenworth Herald (ID 3712)

Suspension. By the following, from the editor of the Register, it will be seen that that journal has suspended. Mr. Dugger has labored faithfully to make it a paying concern, but, according to his own statement, has labored in vain....

To the patrons of the Register: It is with some degree of humiliation that we are called upon to state...that the regular issue of the Kansas State Register is, for the present, suspended. It is useless to say to the people of Leavenworth that there are more papers here than can be supported, and it is also folly to hold up the idea in Kansas that there is extra money sufficient to keep up the great number of papers that are now published in the Territory....We have published the Register nearly seven months, and all of our people know that, during that time, money matters have grown closer and closer every day....Should we meet with success in our hopes, we will resume the publication of our paper soon....The job department of the Register will still be conducted as usual....Jeff. L. Dugger, editor.