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Concordia Empire

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We issue this week the last number of Volume Six o ...
June 30, 1876, Concordia Empire (ID 1514)

We issue this week the last number of Volume Six of the Empire....The past year has been one of the most stringent in our newspaper experience, and we confess we have had anxious thoughts....

W. D. Jenkins...has disposed of the Kirwin Chief to A. G. McBride.


We welcome to the list of newspapers of this regio ...
August 25, 1876, Concordia Empire (ID 1528)

We welcome to the list of newspapers of this region the Scandia Republic, lately removed from Belleville to Scandia....We wish brother Wilder abundant success.


The Holton Recorder and Express has changed its na ...
January 12, 1877, Concordia Empire (ID 1565)

The Holton Recorder and Express has changed its name, and will hereafter be known as The Holton Recorder.

Col. John A. Martin of the Atchison Champion might have had the senatorship vacated by Judge Horton...by the unanimous consent of the Republicans of the district....He refused....The Colonel prefers to give his whole time to his Champion, thinking he can serve Atchison quite as efficiently at his editorial post as in the senate....


The Seneca Courier appears in a new form, its prop ...
April 20, 1877, Concordia Empire (ID 1591)

The Seneca Courier appears in a new form, its proprietor having changed it to a five-column quarto, and adopted a "patent" inside. Bro. Wilkinson has made it a much more attractive sheet....But how these old home sheets (that have made fun of the "patents") praise themselves when THEY adopt the cheaper and more attractive ready-prints!


The Kansas State Editorial Association will meet a ...
May 11, 1877, Concordia Empire (ID 1602)

The Kansas State Editorial Association will meet at Leavenworth June 13th, from which place they will take an excursion to Colorado and the Rockies by courtesy of the various railroads running to and in that state.

Frank A. Root of the North Topeka Times has been appointed postmaster of that place.


Noble L. Prentis, the wittiest editor in Kansas, i ...
May 18, 1877, Concordia Empire (ID 1605)

Noble L. Prentis, the wittiest editor in Kansas, is to deliver the annual oration before the Editorial Association of the State. It will be good.


We have received a copy of the first publication o ...
May 25, 1877, Concordia Empire (ID 1609)

We have received a copy of the first publication of the Kansas State Historical Society: a pamphlet of 18 pages, containing an account of the organization of the society, and a catalogue of the books, pamphlets, documents, newspaper files, and other collections belonging to the society April 1st, 1877....


In Rounds' Printer's Cabinet for April there is a ...
June 8, 1877, Concordia Empire (ID 1613)

In Rounds' Printer's Cabinet for April there is a terrible denunciation of "The Jackal in Journalism," a small portion of which is as follows. We heartily approve its every word, and we pray for the hastening of the day when the sentiments of the writer of this article shall be those of the entire editorial fraternity of the country:

A dangerous beast in the body politic is this same literary jackal. He prowls unseen and in the darkness, and his poisonous bile is inflicted without warning. The rattlesnake, in this respect, is the most noble, is less treacherous, and much fairer enemy. Often under the guise of friendship, the jackal enters a home, pries into its secrets, and then wantonly reveals them to the world. In cases like the Beecher-Tilton, he actually grows obese. A divorce with sensuous surroundings, with letters intended for one eye only and filled with words of burning love, is to him a feast....His inventive genius is large. It needs but a hint to enable him to write a page that will blacken the type far more than any ink. Give him but a starting point, and he will soon manufacture a whole; but give him a handful of dollars, and he will besmirch the fairest name in the records of the world....The defense urged by the jackal, "that the public demands such things," is as infamous as his career, and false upon its face....The "Jackal in Journalism" is a monstrosity the sooner strangled the better....

Rounds' Printer's Cabinet has again put in its appearance. This is a quarterly, devoted to the literary and typographical improvement of the printing craft, as well as the advertising of the noted Chicago house of which S. P. Rounds is the proprietor....It is an invaluable periodical.


The "Western editor" of the Chicago Commercial Adv ...
November 3, 1877, Concordia Empire (ID 1652)

The "Western editor" of the Chicago Commercial Advertiser, who has visited and written up Cloud County and Concordia, thus handsomely "does" the newspapers of this city:

...The Empire is edited and published by H. E. Smith, and is the oldest paper in the valley above Junction City. The paper is lively, candid, entertaining and influential, is Republican in politics....He hails from the Adirondacks and has been publishing the Empire since '72.

The Expositor, independent in politics, is edited and published by J. S. Paradis,...well indorsed by his friends....


The late Holton Argus having "petered," a new pape ...
December 28, 1877, Concordia Empire (ID 1667)

The late Holton Argus having "petered," a new paper, the Signal, is to take its place. It is to be Democratic....


Mr. Beckwith's new paper, just started at Clifton, ...
May 24, 1878, Concordia Empire (ID 1700)

Mr. Beckwith's new paper, just started at Clifton, is called the Journal.

The Sun is a new Democratic paper recently started in Emporia. That city now has three journals.

The Clifton Journal comes to our table -- a new, neat, newsy, well-printed paper, published by D. A. Beckwith.


We are pleased to be able to give our readers a pa ...
June 7, 1878, Concordia Empire (ID 1704)

We are pleased to be able to give our readers a paper of larger size than that we have heretofore issued, together with a considerable increase of reading matter. We are now enabled to keep our advertising on a single sheet and do away with supplements, which are simply an aggravation to us...We shall arrange our work about as follows: 1st page, editorial notes and very latest news in brief items; 4th, editorial and miscellaneous matter; 5th, local; 8th, condensed state news and notes....We make this third enlargement of the Empire because our heavy and growing patronage has made it necessary -- not for effect.... (H. E. Smith, editor)


The Kansas State Editorial Association met at Atch ...
June 14, 1878, Concordia Empire (ID 1707)

The Kansas State Editorial Association met at Atchison on the 11th inst. John A. Martin, president, and E. A. Wesser, secretary.

The annual address and poem were missing, and in lieu thereof Chief Justice Horton, in a neat speech, welcomed the visitors in behalf of the city to Atchison. After the usual business of the association was transacted, a grand ball was given at the Otis House. On the 12th, the guests were taken in carriages to the various points of interest in and about the city.

At 2:00 p.m., about 40 of the editors and state officers took a flying trip to Concordia, Major (W. F.) Downs having tendered a special train and himself accompanying the party. Mrs. Downs presented to each excursionist a beautiful bouquet of natural flowers.

The party arrived at Waterville at 6:00 p.m., where they were received with music and firing of a cannon, and furnished with an elegant supper. The train...arrived safely at Concordia at 8:00 p.m., having made the run in six hours. After the usual introductions, the visitors were escorted to LaRocque's Hall, stepping to the lively music of the Concordia Cornet Band.

J. M. Hagaman, mayor, was called to the chair. F. W. Sturges, Esq., welcomed the visitors on behalf of the city. Short speeches were made by Geo. T. Anthony, governor; A. H. Horton, chief justice; A. B. Lemmon, superintendent public instruction; Ex-Senator Pomeroy and several of the editors from various parts of the state.


Put-in-Bay, Ohio....Here we are at Put-in-Bay, the ...
June 21, 1878, Concordia Empire (ID 1712)

Put-in-Bay, Ohio....Here we are at Put-in-Bay, the Mecca of this year's editorial pilgrimage....Atchison received and entertained more than 100 editors of Kansas and their wives and friends....The Editorial Convention was a success, as was the grand complimentary ball and lunch tendered the fraternity on Tuesday evening...at the Otis House....Colonel Martin, president of the association, presided throughout with dignity, fairness and acceptability. Henry King of Topeka was elected president for the next year....At 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, something over a hundred "pencil-pushers," their wives and friends, left Atchison in a special train consisting of two fine sleepers, two day coaches and a baggage car, Colonel Martin in charge,...through to Put-in-Bay....