First and Only Paper in Flourishing Territory 1854

First Press in the Kansas Territory 1854

The Press in Kansas; Towns Springing Up 1854

Herald of Freedom Founded in Lawrence 1855

Vol. 1, No. 31. J. Speer & W. W. Ross, editors.: * 1855

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Vol. 1, No. 1. M. M. Murdock, editor and proprieto 1872

Modern Improved Methods of Printing 1900

Lawrence Weekly Press

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January 16, 1891, Lawrence Weekly Press (ID 6043)

By Press Publishing Company, Chas. W. Moore, editor and manager. Terms of subscription, by mail, in advance, postage paid...per year 60 cents, outside of county 65 cents.

We Begin. Everything has a beginning, however small, and the Lawrence Weekly Press is no exception to the rule....We make no great promises, knowing how easily they are broken, but nevertheless shall ever bear in mind the interests of the people, the upholding of the morals of society, and the expounding of the principles of the Republican party....We are not controlled by any "click" or band of political "wire pullers"....