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Leavenworth Daily Conservative

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January 28, 1861, Leavenworth Daily Conservative (ID 5702)

Volume 1, Number 1. Published daily by D. R. Anthony. D. W. Wilder, editor.

The Conservative. This paper makes its appearance in obedience to the demands of the people of Kansas. Among our multiplicity of newspapers, there is not one that enjoys a general circulation. A large number of these journals represent factions and localities; few, if any, the state at large.

The press of Kansas has never yet done justice to her agricultural and commercial interests, and it is for this reason that our newspapers have been so feebly supported. Our people are almost universally intelligent; they are readers, but are driven by necessity to read journals published outside of our own boundaries.

By making the Conservative primarily a home paper, devoted to the interests of Kansas, we hope to be able to supply the want which has so long been felt.

With this end in view, we shall employ correspondents in every county in our state, and spare no expense to make this journal a faithful chronicle of whatever is transpiring in Kansas.

In order to place The Conservative within the reach of all, we have placed the price of subscription at the lowest possible rates. What we lose in subscriptions we shall gain in advertising patronage, for business men gladly pay to have their wares noticed in a paper that circulates.

...Politically, we are Republicans. We believe and know that slavery is morally wrong, that it is evil, and evil continually. We do not want it in Kansas and we shall fight against its extension over another foot of the national territory.

The publishing office of The Conservative is under the management of M. Weightman, Geo. F. Prescott, H. Buckinham, and G. C. Hume. They will share with the publisher the profits of the paper.


January 29, 1861, Leavenworth Daily Conservative (ID 5703)

Our first edition of one thousand copies was exhausted before 8 o'clock yesterday morning. An extra edition was issued which very soon came to the same untimely end. We have increased the number of this issue sufficiently to supply the heavy demand...