First and Only Paper in Flourishing Territory 1854

First Press in the Kansas Territory 1854

The Press in Kansas; Towns Springing Up 1854

Herald of Freedom Founded in Lawrence 1855

Vol. 1, No. 31. J. Speer & W. W. Ross, editors.: * 1855

Lincoln in Kansas! His first speech! 1859

From the State Capital....Sol Miller is a "brick." 1862

The Press of Kansas. We believe the following to b 1862

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*Additional News from Lawrence! Terrible Scenes!.. 1863

*The Raid on Lawrence! Particulars and Incidents!. 1863

*It will be remembered that John Speer of the Lawr 1864

Vol. 1, No. 1. M. M. Murdock, editor and proprieto 1872

Modern Improved Methods of Printing 1900

Atchison Champion

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Newspapers in the World: Hubbard's Newspaper Direc ...
December 25, 1880, Atchison Champion (ID 2047)

Newspapers in the world:

Hubbard's Newspaper Directory, published by H. P. Hubbard of New Haven, Conn., says 29,040 newspapers are published in all the countries of the world. The United States heads the list, having 9,600; Germany comes next with 5,000, and Great Britain next with 3,000. France has 2,500; the countries of South America 1,150; Italy 1,058; Austria 1,000; Australia and the Pacific Islands 1,000; Spain 950; Russia 650; Canada 540; Switzerland 500; Sweden 350; China and India 300; Denmark 350; Japan 250; Norway 250; Portugal 270; Africa 230; Mexico and the West Indies 150; and Turkey 70....Over 15,000 of these papers are printed in the English language....


The Kansas and Missouri Associated Press held its ...
January 20, 1881, Atchison Champion (ID 2053)

The Kansas and Missouri Associated Press held its annual meeting at Leavenworth yesterday. Present were M. H. Stevens and A. J. Blethen, Kansas City Journal; Charles E. Hasbrooke, Kansas City Times; Frank M. Tracy, St. Joseph Herald; James N. Burnes, Jr., St. Joseph Gazette; F. P. Baker, Topeka Commonwealth; D. R. Anthony, Leavenworth Times; and John A. Martin, Atchison Champion....The association has expended, for the collection and distribution of news during the past year, over $13,000....The annual election of officers followed and John A. Martin was reelected president and D. R. Anthony was reelected secretary and treasurer.


The telegraph announced...the death of Robert McBr ...
February 11, 1881, Atchison Champion (ID 2060)

The telegraph announced...the death of Robert McBratney of Davis County, which occurred at Santa Fe, N.M....Mr. McBratney was an old Kansan, having settled in this state in 1856. He came to Atchison early in the summer of 1857 with the first Free State settlers, and with ex-Senator Pomeroy and F. G. Adams bought the Squatter Sovereign, which Mr. McBratney edited for several months. He was a citizen of this city until about 1862. He had been a journalist previous to his coming to Kansas, and was the editor of the Xenia (Ohio) Torchlight for many years....