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Downs Headlight

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Chris Mann of this office spent a few days of this ...
July 7, 1887, Downs Headlight (ID 2452)

Chris Mann of this office spent a few days of this week at Long Island.

During the absence of our foreman, Austin Robertson is assisting us to get out this week's paper.

Covington, Taylor & Boyd will publish the Democrat at Phillipsburg. It will make its appearance in a short time. This makes the third paper for the burg.

W. C. Roberts pled guilty to a charge of assault and battery and was fined $15 and costs in police court yesterday morning. Geo. Dougherty of the Times, plaintiff.


Jas. E. Garner, editor and publisher: Charlie Dude ...
July 14, 1887, Downs Headlight (ID 2457)

Jas. E. Garner, editor and publisher

Charlie Duden assisted us this week. Charlie is handy around an office and will make a good printer.

A. L. Topliff has severed his connection with the Scottsville Independent and has purchased the Cawker Journal. He will return to his first love.

Bring us some chickens, potatoes, or anything we can eat and we will exchange the Headlight for them. They are the same as money to us.


C. F. Knowlton, late of the Osborne Journal, has m ...
August 4, 1887, Downs Headlight (ID 2465)

C. F. Knowlton, late of the Osborne Journal, has moved to Greenleaf, where he takes charge of the Journal.

Before someone else suggests the idea, we will just say that we intend to have the Headlight office placed on wheels by the time we move again.

"While most any business allows a man to take a vacation some time during the year, yet the printer is denied this luxury and must stand at the case and paw pewter from early dawn to sultry eve, and then wait for years for his pay. It may suit some people but there's little sport in it for us." -- Salem Argus.


Going. With this issue the Headlight suspends publ ...
August 11, 1887, Downs Headlight (ID 2471)

Going. With this issue the Headlight suspends publication. We have received a very liberal support since embarking in the newspaper business at this place, in fact as good as could be expected, considering the shortage of crops, etc. But the outlook in this business is not as flattering here as it might be. We will move to Luray in Russell County, a new town on the Salina, Lincoln and Western Railroad. All of my present subscribers will receive the paper from Luray, or if there are any who prefer the Topeka Weekly Capital and Farmers Journal, I will send them it instead. Respectfully yours, J. E. Garner.