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Free State

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Wyandott. As this place was noticed in the prospec ...
January 24, 1855, Free State (ID 3071)

Wyandott. As this place was noticed in the prospectus, which we first issued, as being the locality at which we should publish the Free State, it becomes us to observe the reason why we did not locate there. We understood, before we issued our prospectus, that the Wyandottes had formed a treaty, which they supposed the general government would accede to at an early period....But they have not yet treated their land, and as we do not wish to establish on any land to which the Indian title is not extinguished, we determined as long ago as last August to locate at this point. The Wyandottes have a fine tract of land, consisting of about 39 sections, lying in the junction of the Kansas and Missouri rivers....

Newspapers in Kansas. Kansas can boast of a larger number of newspapers in proportion to the population than any state in the Union. It already contains five. The Herald, published at Leavenworth, the Pioneer at Kickapoo, and three at Lawrence, the Herald of Freedom, Kansas Tribune, and Free State.

We are very sorry that we are unable to supply the great demand for our last issue. We only issued 1,000 numbers and there has been a demand for at least 500 more....When we began to gather our lists of subscribers up, and observe the number who subscribed after the first side was struck, we found when it was too late that we did not have an edition sufficiently large. We have issued this week 1,500....

Obituary. It is our painful duty to announce the death of Rev. Mr. Meeker of the Baptist Mission among the Ottawas. He departed this life on...the 11th of January. He commenced his missionary labors at the early age of 21 years among the same tribe of Indians in Michigan, and has been a missionary ever since, except some four years spent in visiting friends. He has spent 21 years in missionary operations in Kansas, five of which were spent among the Shawnees, and 16 among the Ottawas. He was a printer and had the superintendence of a printing office belonging to the Baptist Board of Missions. Being familiar with the Indian languages, he translated portions of the Scriptures and other religious works into the various languages of some eight or ten tribes, and printed them, which was very useful in enlightening the Indians. He printed a small paper once called the Shawnee Sun....


Owing to the fact of having a great many tickets t ...
March 31, 1855, Free State (ID 3087)

Owing to the fact of having a great many tickets to print, and wishing to get out one more paper several days before the election, and a scarcity of paper, we have concluded to give our readers only a half sheet this week. We intend getting into a better office soon....After this week, no living man can have a copy of the Free State for anything less than $2.00 in advance.


...Last week we failed to issue the Free State. Th ...
June 18, 1855, Free State (ID 3107)

...Last week we failed to issue the Free State. The cause...was that we had not a sheet of paper, and could neither borrow nor buy, as our neighbors both in the Territory and in Missouri who use the same size of paper...were almost as short themselves. Our new supply, which was delayed beyond our expectations, has arrived....