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Kansas Chief

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Sol. Miller, editor.: To the People of Kansas, Gre ...
June 4, 1857, Kansas Chief (ID 3250)

Sol. Miller, editor.

To the People of Kansas, Greeting. We have the pleasure, this week, of presenting our readers with the first number of the Chief. Its publication has been delayed a month longer than we anticipated, from various causes,...over which we had no control....We do not deem it necessary to say much in regard to the course we intend to pursue, preferring to let the paper speak for itself. In regard to the great political question upon which the people of this Territory are divided, we have a decided preference for one side; but in conducting our paper we shall steer clear of politics altogether -- at least until peace and good will are restored between the different parties in the Territory, which it shall be out earnest endeavor to promote.

White Cloud. This place is situated on the west bank of the Missouri River, in the north eastern part of Kansas, some three or four miles from the Nebraska line, 615 miles from St. Louis by the river, and about 60 miles above St. Joseph. It is named after White Cloud, the celebrated chief of the Iowas, who formerly resided in this neighborhood....

We send our paper, this week, to many who are not subscribers. We hope they will examine it carefully, and if they are pleased with it, send us Two Dollars, with their name, and Post Office address....

*Quite a Change. -- The Squatter Sovereign, published at Atchison, formerly under the control of Dr. Stringfellow, and one of the most uncompromising Pro-Slavery papers in the Union, has recently changed hands and politics. It is now an ardent Free State Organ. It appears that the late publishers could not make it pay. The following is their valedictory...: "The office of the Squatter Sovereign has passed into the hands of other publishers....We have repeatedly called upon the South for aid, and our response has been a moneyless one...." The new editors are R. McBratney and S. C. Pomeroy. In their introductory, they say that they shall "mildly but firmly advocate the exclusion of Slavery from the Territory." Mr. McBratney, we presume, is the same who formerly edited the Xenia (Ohio) Torchlight.


A humbug which has of late become a nuisance is th ...
September 24, 1857, Kansas Chief (ID 3301)

A humbug which has of late become a nuisance is the publication of the first chapters of interesting stories in various papers. The reader will commence them and, when an intensely interesting point is reached, it suddenly breaks off with the announcement that "this is all of this story which will be published in our columns. The balance may be found in the New York Ledger," etc. People have become too sharp to be fooled that way any longer....


We understand that a new paper, to be called the F ...
June 23, 1859, Kansas Chief (ID 3575)

We understand that a new paper, to be called the Free Press, will be issued at Elwood this week. It is to be conducted by Albert L. Lee and D. W. Wilder, and will be Republican, of course. If talent can make a paper go, the Free Press ought certainly to flourish.


Printer Wanted. A good Printer, who is not addicte ...
February 16, 1860, Kansas Chief (ID 3699)

Printer Wanted. A good Printer, who is not addicted to the habit of drunkenness or whiskey-swilling, can find employment at this office if application, in person, be made immediately.