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Kansas Commoner

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By Ross & Co. A year by mail $1.50. Consolidation ...
September 20, 1884, Kansas Commoner (ID 2296)

By Ross & Co. A year by mail $1.50. Consolidation of Call, 1863; Appeal, 1878; Kansas City Tribune, 1879; Appeal and Tribune, 1879; National Tribune, 1880; Workingman's Friend, 1881; Leavenworth Weekly Chronicle, 1883; and Commoner, 1884. The Commoner is issued every Saturday at 212 South Fifth Street.

We take this opportunity of saying that we have changed the name of the Chronicle to the Kansas Commoner. We consider the time has come when the working people of this state will support an independent paper which is not bound to either party. Politics have got so mixed that on several important questions the Republicans will be the advocate in one state and in another state the Democrats of the same subjects....The particular object of the paper will be to deal with matters concerning home life. Its motto will be "Happy homes and how to make them." This week the paper is under new management and new ownership, the purchase having been completed with Mr. Jameson....


By the Kansas Commoner Publishing Co., E. Jameson, ...
February 7, 1885, Kansas Commoner (ID 2315)

By the Kansas Commoner Publishing Co., E. Jameson, president; Pitt Ross, editor and manager. Devoted to the interests of the home and farm; the promotion of temperance and social reforms; labor interests, and equal rights.


By Pitt Ross. As indicated above, the Commoner app ...
April 10, 1885, Kansas Commoner (ID 2325)

By Pitt Ross. As indicated above, the Commoner appears today under the sole management of the undersigned, Mr. E. Jameson having retired from the business and transferred all his interest....Mr. Jameson will continue his real estate business as at present, in the same building with us; and his architectural business in Thomas' block....The mechanical department is now equipped with an ample supply of type and a power press, while the job department is supplied with two excellent presses, paper cutter and a good variety of new and desirable job type....


By Pitt Ross....The publication of the Kansas Comm ...
May 29, 1885, Kansas Commoner (ID 2337)

By Pitt Ross....The publication of the Kansas Commoner will cease with this issue of the paper, and the full terms its paid up subscriptions will be completed by The Voice of New York City, a first-class Prohibition newspaper published by Funk & Wagnalls. The suspension is made because the paper has for some time been conducted at a loss to the publishers....