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Atchison Weekly Globe

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Kansas journalists -- Kansas can boast of a larger ...
August 16, 1888, Atchison Weekly Globe (ID 2554)

Kansas journalists -- Kansas can boast of a larger number of forcible and graceful newspaper writers -- men who are as bright as the sun that shines upon them, and as interesting and charming as the state they so faithfully serve, in proportion to the number of Kansas journalists -- as any other state in the Union.

John A. Martin, Noble L. Prentis, George W. Martin, Sol. Miller, D. W. Wilder, E. W. Howe, J. K. Hudson, E. V. Eskridge, Gen. J. H. Rice, D. R. Anthony, M. M. Murdock, Charley Scott, Frank McLennan, Will Rice, Jake Stotler, Geo. T. Anthony, Fred J. Hulaniski; it will be conceded that these rank among the leaders of this corps of Knights of the Quill -- men who would be a credit to the journalistic fraternity of any section of this newspaper reading country, and from among whose voluminous writings there could easily be selected material enough to make a volume of choice selections -- "classics" that might be used to "set the style" of all aspirants to journalistic usefulness and honor.