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Kansas Constitutionalist

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Vol. 1, No. 17. Thomas J. Key, editor. "Let us cli ...
October 7, 1857, Kansas Constitutionalist (ID 3309)

Vol. 1, No. 17. Thomas J. Key, editor. "Let us cling to the Constitution as the mariner clings to the last plank when the night and the tempest close around him."

We have heretofore called upon those taking the Constitutionalist and owing us for job work to come in and pay up, and but few have regarded our call. The expenses of a printing office is no small matter, and we are compelled to pay out every dime we can get to keep the office going....There are not more than 100 quires of paper now in our office and, if those wishing to see the paper to continue to make its weekly appearance, do not give us that necessary aid immediately, the paper will have to suspend for the want of support....The time has arrived when we should have our supply of newspaper, ink and other materials for winter, which we are not able to obtain unless those indebted to us pay up.

The word black is one of the most appropriate that could have been prefixed to the Republican name; they certainly deserve the name of black republican. As a party their deeds have been black, their aims dark, their plans concocted in secret and executed in the night. On Sunday night, the night before the election, they were guilty of an act in perfect keeping with their whole political career. They cut loose every ferry boat and skiff at the ferry here and let them float down the river.


Black Republican flag trailing in the dust. The co ...
November 14, 1857, Kansas Constitutionalist (ID 3326)

Black Republican flag trailing in the dust. The country safe! The election passed off in this county (Leavenworth), so far as heard from, peaceably and quietly....The liquor houses were all closed during the election. Each party done its best to succeed, but the Democrats came out of the contest victorious. The Democratic majority in this, the largest county in the Territory, is 250 votes. This is a signal rebuke to the Black Republicans....


Vol. 1, No. 30. Published every Wednesday by Thoma ...
January 7, 1858, Kansas Constitutionalist (ID 3359)

Vol. 1, No. 30. Published every Wednesday by Thomas J. Key, editor. Subscription $2 invariably in advance. Office on Main and Sixth Streets.

We are pleased to learn that our talented townsman, Dr. Floyd, arrived in the city of Nashville, Tenn., safely. The Union and American, the leading paper at the capital, gives him the subjoined notice: "Kansas Constitutionalist. W. J. Floyd, agent for the above paper, is spending a few days in our city with the view of soliciting subscribers. The Constitutionalist is published at Doniphan...and will prove interesting to all those who desire to keep informed as to what is going on in this new and interesting territory...." Dr. Floyd has our thanks for subscribers and we hope he may succeed in procuring a large number before he returns in the spring.