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Kansas National Democrat

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Vol. 1, No. 1. A Democratic weekly journal -- devo ...
July 30, 1857, Kansas National Democrat (ID 3279)

Vol. 1, No. 1. A Democratic weekly journal -- devoted to the peace and prosperity of Kansas, and the perpetuity of the Union. By S. W. Driggs.

Introduction. We this day issue the first number of the Kansas National Democrat, and proceed to a brief enunciation of the principles which shall control our paper. It shall be our great purpose to promote the success of the Democratic party of Kansas. This success can only be achieved by a complete union of all the Democrats in the Territory, whether favorable to a free state or slave state. That sectional issue, it will be perceived, was entirely ignored by our late Democratic Convention, and should not be permitted to disturb the harmonious councils of the Democracy of Kansas. That question will be decided, no doubt, this fall, by the People themselves, in voting upon the Constitution to be framed by the Convention in September next....The Black Republicans of Kansas, like those of the States, are the enemies of the Constitution and the Union, and no Democrat can cooperate with them without an abandonment of his cherished principles....We shall zealously advocate the submission of the Constitution by the Convention to a vote of the people....We shall advocate the rapid extinguishment of Indian titles in Kansas, pre-emptions to settlers, educational and railroad grants by Congress, as part of the ordinance accompanying the Constitution of Kansas....

*The Rebellion at Lawrence. For some ten days past, Governor Walker has been seated in the vicinity of Lawrence, with seven companies of U.S. Dragoons under the command of Col. Cooke. The necessity for this movement of troops was occasioned by the attempt, on the part of the people of Lawrence, to put aside the prevailing laws of the Territory, and set up for themselves an independent government. Last winter, application was made to the Territorial Legislature for a charter, and some of the citizens of the town prepared the instrument according to their own wishes and presented it to the committee who had charge of the subject. We are informed that the Legislature adopted the charter...without any alteration whatever....With this law now standing upon the statute book, recognized as valid by the Federal Government, and passed at the instance of the parties themselves, the people of Lawrence, in the very madness of their fanaticism, have repudiated the legitimate charter and assumed to establish an independent city government....