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Kansas News

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The Doniphan Free Press is the title of a small sh ...
May 22, 1858, Kansas News (ID 3412)

The Doniphan Free Press is the title of a small sheet, the first number of which bears the date May 8, 1858. It is published by Lenhart & Welch, and edited by R. St. Clair Graham. It hoists the Free State ticket under the Leavenworth Constitution, and professes to "fear God, hate the Lecompton Constitution, despise all its contemporaries, respect the city government, love itself, and take Atchison money for subscription."... -- Lawrence Republican.


A Change of Firm. Our readers will notice that a c ...
July 31, 1858, Kansas News (ID 3438)

A Change of Firm. Our readers will notice that a change has taken place in the proprietorship of The News. The style of the new firm will be Plumb & Stotler, by whom The News will be published as heretofore....Mr. Stotler is well known in this community and does not need any endorsement as to character, fitness, etc., at my hands.... P. B. Plumb.

The New Volume. This number commences the second volume of The Kansas News....The News was started and has been conducted...as an independent journal. It has looked to no party, sect, clan or clique for its patronage or support in any way, but owes its origin to the enterprise of its proprietor, and its past support to the patronage of the public of Kansas....We have good reason to think that it will be so sustained so long as it shall pursue the same free, untrammeled course....


Our brother "typo," Mr. J. Swinton, foreman of the ...
October 16, 1858, Kansas News (ID 3470)

Our brother "typo," Mr. J. Swinton, foreman of the Lawrence Republican office, has been spending several days in town.


The Ohio Cultivator for October 1st is on our tabl ...
October 23, 1858, Kansas News (ID 3474)

The Ohio Cultivator for October 1st is on our table. This is one of the oldest agricultural papers in the West. Published semi-monthly at Columbus, Ohio, by S. D. Harris at $1 a year.

We have received No. 1 of the Palermo Leader bearing date October 7, published at Palermo, Doniphan County, by Perham & Emery. It is Free State in politics....

The Border Star is the title of a new pro-slavery paper in Westport, Mo., on the ruins of the Star of Empire. It is published by H. M. McCarty, and is a very creditably gotten up and well edited paper.

The Kansas Tribune has been resuscitated by Farnsworth & Cummings. It is Free State.


The Typographic Advertiser, from the press of L. J ...
October 30, 1858, Kansas News (ID 3477)

The Typographic Advertiser, from the press of L. Johnson & Co., Philadelphia, comes to us bright and beautiful as ever this month. It is truly the neatest and handsomest periodical of the kind extant.


Hereafter all notices for political meetings of wh ...
November 6, 1858, Kansas News (ID 3480)

Hereafter all notices for political meetings of whatever character, that appear in The News, must be paid for at our regular rates before their insertion. The question of Freedom for Kansas having been settled definitely, the strife has now become one for the spoils and emoluments of office, and those who expect to dance must pay for the music. This will apply to handbills, tickets, etc.


Defunct. The Osawatomie Herald, Prairie City Champ ...
December 4, 1858, Kansas News (ID 3491)

Defunct. The Osawatomie Herald, Prairie City Champion, Delaware Free State, Geary City Era, Topeka Tribune, Doniphan Crusader, Elwood Advertiser, Ottumwa Journal, Palmetto Kansan, Doniphan Press, Sumner Gazette, Wyandott Gazette, Quindaro Chindowan, The Grasshopper, Junction Sentinel, Tecumseh Note Book, Iowa Point Inquirer, and the Minneola Statesman are the names of Kansas newspapers recently defunct.

They were "too thick to thrive" and the hard times squelched them. The wonder to us is that more have not gone the same way. This should furnish an instructive lesson in regard to the enterprise of establishing newspapers in new communities.


The Leavenworth Times comes to us in an entire new ...
December 16, 1858, Kansas News (ID 3498)

The Leavenworth Times comes to us in an entire new dress which makes it one of the neatest papers in the West. It has also improved in the editorial department very much. The Times is the only Free State paper in Leavenworth, and as such has enjoyed the confidence and patronage of the entire party of that section....

We are glad to notice the resuscitation of the Osawatomie Herald after a suspension of about four months....


We have received the first number of the Troy Demo ...
December 25, 1858, Kansas News (ID 3502)

We have received the first number of the Troy Democrat, published at Troy, Doniphan County, by Joseph Thompson. Mr. T. was formerly editor and proprietor of the Geary City Era, but moved his office to Troy. The Democrat is the organ of the "Cincinnati Platform" Democracy for Doniphan County. We wish the editor pecuniary success, although we don't believe he will ever attain it in Troy, for we have not been able to find the advertisement of a single Troy business man in the Democrat.

A late issue of the Leavenworth Times says, in speaking of the various newspapers of the Territory: "The real live and influential papers outside of our city, we conceive to be the White Cloud Chief, Atchison Champion, Lawrence Republican, and Emporia News."

Sol Miller, the editor of the White Cloud Chief, acknowledges the receipt of a "gold dollar" accompanying the notice of the marriage of a young couple. Of course, that insures their future happiness. A printer's blessing is next to that of heaven.

A new paper, called The Jefferson Crescent, has been established at Grasshopper Falls, in Jefferson County, on the ruins of the defunct Grasshopper. It is edited by D. W. Gurnsey.

James Redpath, formerly Kansas correspondent of the Missouri Democrat, is preparing a Kansas Emigrant Guide, to be published early in February by J. G. Wells of New York....


Dissolution! Notice is hereby given that the partn ...
January 22, 1859, Kansas News (ID 3513)

Dissolution! Notice is hereby given that the partnership heretofore existing between P. B. Plumb and Jacob Stotler...is this day dissolved by mutual consent. The business will in future be conducted by Mr. Stotler.... -- P. B. Plumb, Jacob Stotler.

Last Words. With this number of The Kansas News, my entire connection with it...ceases....It is not without regret that I relinquish a position which, though arduous and unremunerative (pecuniarily) has still its sunny side. There is a positive pleasure in "working for nothing and boarding yourself," of which the uninitiated know nothing. A little over 18 months ago, The News was first started in Emporia. I was then the sole proprietor and editor. At that time, there were but two houses in the place, and the country around for miles and miles was an unsettled wild. The News anticipated the growth which was to follow. It led the van of that great army of emigrants which has peopled the valleys of the Neosho and Cottonwood, and those beyond to the south, southwest, and west....The struggle for life during the first year of its existence was such as few newspapers have seen and survived. But the paper itself never bore outward evidence of the struggle. It maintained its position fearlessly as one of the most radical and best appearing papers in the Territory. At the end of the first volume, I associated with me in its publication Mr. Stotler, who had been connected with the office from the first as foreman.... -- P. B. Plumb.

To the Patrons of the News. It is with no ordinary feelings that I accept the arduous position of proprietor and editor of The News. I am stepping into shoes the measure of which I feel my inability to fill as ably as they have been by the retiring editor....But what I have, I give to the task before me....I ask simply of the public that support which is due to the merits of the papers. On this I shall expect to stand and fall.... -- J. Stotler.


We are indebted to the publishers of that sterling ...
April 2, 1859, Kansas News (ID 3541)

We are indebted to the publishers of that sterling sheet, the Leavenworth Times, for their daily issue. The Times is one of the very best papers in Kansas, and the recent bold and manly stand which it took on the kidnapping affair in that city has made it the terror of Border Ruffian Democrats. They tried to crush it out, but by the looks of its advertising columns they did not succeed very well. Thank you, Messrs. Vaughn & Bartlett, for your excellent daily.

We have received the prospectus of The Miner, a new paper to be started some time during the summer at El Paso, in the Kansas gold mines, by S. S. Prouty. Mr. P. formerly published the Prairie City Champion....


We are in receipt of the Linn County Herald, a new ...
April 9, 1859, Kansas News (ID 3544)

We are in receipt of the Linn County Herald, a new paper published at Mound City, Linn County, by Jonathan Lyman, formerly publisher of the Ottumwa Journal. The Herald is Republican in politics....


A Wandering Printer. Karl Ugling, a journeyman pri ...
April 23, 1859, Kansas News (ID 3549)

A Wandering Printer. Karl Ugling, a journeyman printer, died at Detroit a few days ago after wandering over a large portion of the world. According to the Ohio Statesman, he was banished from Baden, Germany, for participating in the revolution of 1848. He reached the United States just in time to volunteer in the Mexican War, and was wounded and disfigured for life at the battle of Buena Vista. After the war, he traveled from Maine to Louisiana, and to the frontiers of civilization, as a journeyman printer; commenced the first German paper ever published in San Francisco, subsequently joined a theatrical company in Cincinnati, and was everywhere known as scholar, poet, musician and wit. He never remained long in one place to call it his home, but wherever he went he left friends who admired his extraordinary talents and his characteristic vagaries. He could spin a yarn, write a poem, make a speech, sing a song, bring a melody from a guitar, or tip a glass of lager beer with unequaled spirit and cosmopolitan grace.


We have received the first number of a new paper c ...
June 4, 1859, Kansas News (ID 3565)

We have received the first number of a new paper called the Kansas Press, published by S. N. Wood in Chase County, about 20 miles west of Emporia.


We have received the first and second numbers of t ...
July 23, 1859, Kansas News (ID 3586)

We have received the first and second numbers of the Elwood Free Press, printed at Elwood in Doniphan County, by Lee & Wilder. It...takes strong sides with the Republicans.


The Fort Scott Democrat has been resuscitated. It ...
July 30, 1859, Kansas News (ID 3590)

The Fort Scott Democrat has been resuscitated. It is now published by E. A. Smith. It is better printed and edited with more ability than formerly.


This week we present our readers with No. 104 of T ...
August 6, 1859, Kansas News (ID 3595)

This week we present our readers with No. 104 of The Kansas News, the last of the second volume. Yes, in spite of the evil prognostication of enemies, and the gloomy forebodings of friends, The News has arrived to the dignity of a "two-year old!"...

We have received the prospectus of the Americus Sentinel, to be published at Americus in this county by T. C. Hill. The first number will be issued on the 10th of August. The terms are $2 per annum....The Sentinel will be "independent, not neutral" in politics...

Next week we shall greet our readers with a slight change in the name of our paper, which will thenceforth appear as The Emporia News....