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Kansas Territorial Register

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Vol. 1, No. 1. Published every Saturday morning by ...
July 7, 1855, Kansas Territorial Register (ID 3113)

Vol. 1, No. 1. Published every Saturday morning by Archibald M. Sevier, office on Delaware Street between Second and Third streets. Mark W. Delahay, editor.

...We have issued our first paper, and it may be proper to give...some of the rules by which our action will be made to conform....We shall eschew any abridgement of the right of religious worship, and hold all fanatics as enemies to the peace and happiness of the human family throughout the world. The Register will defend the law, and urge legal punishment for its violation under all circumstance....The Register will stand upon the basis of the Nebraska-Kansas Bill....The Register will only countenance political conventions that sit with open doors, and admit full and free discussion before the world....

The first number of the Register is before you and, although issued under many difficulties, being entirely without exchanges, we have marked out the course which we shall steadily pursue, and now remains to be made known to us...whether we shall be sustained and the Register made to thrive....We...ask post masters generally to act as agents, and our friends to lend us a helping hand....