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Kanzas News

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The illness of the editor and the impossibility of ...
June 20, 1857, Kanzas News (ID 3259)

The illness of the editor and the impossibility of getting help in the way of type setting will account for the failure in issuing the News on its regular publication day Saturday last.

The first paper mill in America was located at Wissahickon, Pa.; the mill was erected by Claus and William Rittinghousen, who were of Dutch ancestry, and went to Pennsylvania from New Amsterdam. William Bradford was also part owner, but he rented his share to the Rittinghousens, now spelled Rittenhouse. The original lease, dated Sept. 1, 1697, is still in existence, and the rent reserved by Bradford was seven reams of printing paper, two reams of good writing paper, and two reams of blue paper. This mill, then so celebrated, was swept away by a flood between 1699 and 1701, and so important was its reconstruction that William Penn wrote a certificate, recommending the citizens to give the sufferers relief.


Our Kansas Exchanges. Newspapers are multiplying f ...
July 4, 1857, Kanzas News (ID 3268)

Our Kansas Exchanges. Newspapers are multiplying fast in Kansas, and soon will be as "thick as blackberries" in summer. All that have started this season are Free State in politics, while the Pro-slavery organs are reduced from six to four, and they get but a meager support.

*We welcome to our desk The Free State, edited by R. G. Elliott, and published at Delaware. This press, it will be remembered, was destroyed by the Ruffian force at Lawrence on the memorable 21st of May, and its editor, unlike one of his compatriots, did not seek to levy contributions on the northern friends of Freedom in consequence of his misfortune, and therefore was not able to re-establish his paper before the present date....

Freemen's Champion is the title of a spicy little sheet published at Prairie City by S. S. Prouty. The editor, in his salutatory, says that paper shall be thoroughly independent and freedom-loving....

The Leader is published at Centropolis by Austin & Beardsley. It is very well edited....It professes to be Free State, and we doubt not its editors desire to see Kanzas become so in preference to a Slave State, but it takes a queer method of showing its devotion to those principles, by endeavoring as it does to divide the ranks of the party who are struggling for Freedom in Kanzas....The Leader will doubtless be a useful ally of Gov. Walker in his endeavors to make a Black Democratic Free State of Kanzas.

The Squatter Sovereign, Atchison. The Rev. E. H. Chapin once said: "First, he liked the man who dared to come out boldly for the right; secondly, the man who came out boldly for the wrong; and thirdly, he despised those who dared not do either." For this reason, we liked the Border Ruffian Stringfellow organ better than the "wishy-washy," milk and water affair the Squatter Sovereign appears to be under its present management. It is published by McBratney & Co. at the above place.


We have before us a copy of the Newspaper Record p ...
August 8, 1857, Kanzas News (ID 3287)

We have before us a copy of the Newspaper Record published by Lay & Brother, Philadelphia, containing a complete list of newspapers and periodicals in the United States, Canada and Great Britain; together with a sketch of the origin and progress of printing, with some facts about newspapers in Europe and America.


National Democrat. This is the title of a new pape ...
August 15, 1857, Kanzas News (ID 3290)

National Democrat. This is the title of a new paper which has just started at Lecompton on the ruins of the old Lecompton Union. The typographical appearance is good, and the Democracy "orthodox" according to Douglas and Walker....

Four months ago there was not a house where Emporia now stands and from the town site none were to be seen. Now what a difference. As far as the eye can reach in every direction, every quarter section is occupied....


The Ottumwa Journal is the title of a new paper wh ...
September 12, 1857, Kanzas News (ID 3298)

The Ottumwa Journal is the title of a new paper which has just been started at Ottumwa, about 25 miles below Emporia on the Neosho. The first number, bearing date of August 29, is before us. It is neatly executed, considering the adverse circumstances under which the editor says he labored in issuing it. It is strongly Free State in politics....

Tecumseh Note Book. We have received No. 4 of a new "National Democratic" journal bearing the above title, published at Tecumseh. It is neatly printed, and edited in a soundly "Democratic" fashion. Samuel G. Reid is the editor.

The editor of the Kanzas Leader, finding that printing newspapers will not pay, has taken a traveling agency for his "big brother" of the Herald of Freedom, and colporteur generally. Success to him. The cause he is engaged in is a noble one. Down with demagogues and correspondents! Up with the people! Erin go unum, e pluribus bragh.


We have received the first number of the Sumner Ga ...
October 3, 1857, Kanzas News (ID 3306)

We have received the first number of the Sumner Gazette, published at Sumner, a new town on the Missouri River, above Leavenworth. It is strongly Free State in politics -- Cone Brothers, publishers. It claims Sumner to be the largest and most enterprising town in Kansas, according to its age. It says: It is only 16 weeks old, contains between three and four hundred inhabitants, has one of the best steam saw mills in the western country....It has one good hotel, and another commenced that will cost $23,000 when finished; also seven stores, one wagon maker, one shoemaker, one blacksmith and three carpenter shops....A church will be commenced and finished this fall. Sumner has a free school, a newspaper printing office, and a New York Weekly Tribune club of 41 subscribers....


Hoe's Grand Type-revolving Press. Perhaps no inven ...
October 17, 1857, Kanzas News (ID 3313)

Hoe's Grand Type-revolving Press. Perhaps no invention of modern times has worked so great a revolution in art as the introduction of Hoe's Cylinder Presses. It at once opened new and vast fields for the spread of the influence of the press....From the time William Caxton set up the first printing press in England at Westminster in 1471, and printed the first book,...to the present time there has been no such accession to the art of printing as the Hoe Cylinder Press.

Amid wonderful but gradual improvements...in the cutting of type and in other accessories, the printing press, which was originally of the rudest construction, appears to have been overlooked....The Earl of Stanhope's press was in general use in 1806. The Columbian press, of Clymer, was introduced in 1814; and the Albion press, an improvement on it, came into use a few years later. Printing by steam power was first executed in England, at the London Times office, in 1814. Cowper's and Applegate's rollers for distributing the ink upon the type was brought into use in 1817. Vast improvements have been made in the United States within a few years, both in hand and steam presses....

Men not yet arrived at middle age can remember the old lever press, at which journeymen labored and sweated in pulling a token an hour; they have had experience, too, with the inking balls by which the ink was distributed; and know how to appreciate the wondrous rapidity of Hoe's press, and the great relief afforded by the rollers....

In all great junctures, the right man is providentially raised up to fill an appointed place....When the demands of the age required a printing machine of unexampled power, capable of throwing off thousands of sheets per hour, Mr. Hoe was found at the appointed place....The superiority of Hoe's presses is known and recognized the world over....Sheets are thrown from them almost as rapidly as the electric spark is flashed across the wires....Every principal printing house in Europe and America is furnished with one or more of these marvelous machines....Messrs. Hoe & Co., to supply the European demand, have been obliged to establish a branch of their business in England, and they are now constructing in Manchester two 10-cylinder presses for the London Times, one 6-cylinder for the London Morning Star, a penny sheet, and one 6-cylinder for the Manchester Times.

At their factory in New York, they are constructing one 6-cylinder press for the London Illustrated News, one 4-cylinder for the Manchester Guardian, one 10-cylinder for the New York Times, one 10-cylinder for the New York Tribune, one 6-cylinder for the New York Staats Zeitung, by Mrs. Youle, which is to be put up in the Crystal Palace, and one 6-cylinder for the Boston Herald.

It is but ten years since the first type revolving presses were made by Messrs. Hoe & Co. for the Philadelphia Ledger. Behold what a revolution has been brought about in that brief space of time. -- Boston Herald.

Kansas Newspapers. A new "National Democratic" paper has been started in Wyandott called the Citizen. It is published by Ephraim Abbot.

The Kickapoo Pioneer, the most ultra of the pro-slavery journals of last summer, which was suspended a few months ago, has been revived. Col. Hazzard, the editor, is a member-elect of the bogus Territorial Legislature from Leavenworth County.

The Young America is the title of a new paper started at Leavenworth. It is Whiggish in politics. Geo. W. McLane, proprietor.

*The Wyandott Register has changed hands, Mr. Delahay, its former proprietor, having disposed of it to Eddy & Paton. The paper continues Free State.

The Journal, which was first published at Ottumwa, has been removed, we understand, to Burlington, and the name changed to the Free Press. Jonathan Lyman, publisher.


The publication of the Prairie City Freemen's Cham ...
November 14, 1857, Kanzas News (ID 3324)

The publication of the Prairie City Freemen's Champion has been suspended for the present. Mr. Prouty, its proprietor, was chosen recorder of Douglas County at the late election.


The Leavenworth Times has changed hands, Mr. Crozi ...
November 21, 1857, Kanzas News (ID 3331)

The Leavenworth Times has changed hands, Mr. Crozier, the former proprietor, having disposed of the establishment to Champion Vaughn, who has been connected with it as editor for some time past....

The Tecumseh Note Book is defunct. "Died from want of patronage" is the verdict. The Note Book was radically pro-slavery.

James Redpath, the accomplished correspondent of the Missouri Democrat, is about to issue an illustrated Kanzas newspaper at Doniphan under the title of the Crusader of Freedom. It will contain portraits of the prominent leaders on both sides, and biographical sketches. "The Career of Gen. James H. Lane in Kanzas," written by himself, will be published exclusively in the columns of the Crusader....The first number will be issued in December. Terms $2 per annum in advance. A. Spillman, Lawrence, is agent for receiving advertisements and subscriptions.


Kanzas Newspapers. Below we give a list of all the ...
November 28, 1857, Kanzas News (ID 3333)

Kanzas Newspapers. Below we give a list of all the newspapers now published in Kansas, with the politics of each:

Citizen, Wyandotte, pro-slavery.

Chindowan, Quindaro, Free State.

Free State, Delaware, Free State.

Times, Leavenworth, Free State.

Herald, Leavenworth, pro-slavery.

Journal, Leavenworth, pro-slavery.

Young America, Leavenworth, Union-saving Whig.

Pioneer, Kickapoo, pro-slavery.

Gazette, Sumner, Free State.

Squatter Sovereign, Atchison, pro-slavery.

Zeitung, Atchison, Free State.

Era, Geary City, now this--now that.

Constitutionalist, Doniphan, pro-slavery.

Crusader of Freedom, Doniphan, Free State organ.

Advertiser, Elwood, undefinable.

Chief, White Cloud, Know-Nothing.

Republican, Lawrence, Free State.

Herald, Lawrence, Walker.

Democrat, Lecompton, pro-slavery.

Tribune, Topeka, Free State.

Leader, Centropolis, Free State.

News, Emporia, Free State.

Journal, Ottumwa, Free State.

Palmetto Kanzan, Marysville, pro-slavery.

There are but two parties in Kansas: Free State and Pro-Slavery. Those papers claiming to be "National Democratic" we have put down as "pro-slavery" to avoid confusion, the terms being synonymous. Eight out of the 24 papers are published in Leavenworth County, viz.: Citizen, Times, Journal, Chindowan, Free State, Pioneer, Young America, and Herald; five of them are published in Doniphan County: Constitutionalist, Crusader, Chief, Advertiser, and Era; and three in Douglas County: Republican, Herald, and Democrat....

A new Pro-Slavery paper called the Palmetto Kanzan has been established at Marysville in Marshall County, at the California crossing of the Big Blue. It is printed on the materials of the defunct Lecompton Union. The publisher is a Mr. Clardy, formerly connected with the Union.


The Leavenworth Journal has changed hands; Henders ...
December 12, 1857, Kanzas News (ID 3347)

The Leavenworth Journal has changed hands; Henderson, the former proprietor, having disposed of the establishment to a Mr. Perkins. The paper is still pro-slavery.


Our Senior is in Gen. Lane's camp at Sugar Mound, ...
December 26, 1857, Kanzas News (ID 3355)

Our Senior is in Gen. Lane's camp at Sugar Mound, acting as aide de camp....

The Crusader of Freedom. The first number of this paper, published at Doniphan, and edited by our friend and valued co-worker in the cause of Liberty, James Redpath, has reached us. It is a spicy affair -- pungent, sharp, witty and sarcastic as its editor's tongue. It is broadly and radically Anti-Slavery as well as Free State....We subjoin the following brief and pungent "First Words" from its editorial columns: "I enroll myself a Crusader for Freedom until slavery ceases to exist. I have one pledge to make. In the battle against slavery in Kansas, I shall endeavor to do my duty as a Crusader of Freedom."...The terms are $2 per annum, invariably in advance.


The Kanzas Settler is the...new Free State paper w ...
February 20, 1858, Kanzas News (ID 3374)

The Kanzas Settler is the...new Free State paper which has been started at Tecumseh on the ruins of the Note Book. It is published by Mr. Lord, late of Cincinnati, Ohio.

A new "National Democratic" paper has been started at Fort Scott. It is a dingy looking sheet, miserably printed and edited, and very Border Ruffianish all over....


The Topeka Tribune has changed hands, the Messrs. ...
June 19, 1858, Kanzas News (ID 3421)

The Topeka Tribune has changed hands, the Messrs. Ross having disposed of the establishment to J. F. Cummings. The elder of the brothers Ross will go to Texas....


P. B. Plumb, proprietor and editor.: With this num ...
July 24, 1858, Kanzas News (ID 3433)

P. B. Plumb, proprietor and editor.

With this number ends the first volume of The Kanzas News. Sickness and the delays and disappointments of a paper in a new country have carried this number about seven weeks beyond the time of starting....We are conscious that in many things we have fallen far short of the mark at which we aimed in starting. Our facilities for making a good paper have not been such as we anticipated, while heavy pecuniary responsibilities rested upon us, from which we are as yet but partially relieved. The past year has been one of continued political excitement in Kanzas, and party feeling has been high. The Free State party has been seriously divided, and threatened with destruction, by the discordant elements of which it is composed....In regards to matters outside of politics, we have done much toward directing immigration, and developing the resources of this great and growing Territory, more especially the southern and southwestern portions of it....

A few days since, we were pleased to receive a call from our old friend J. M. Walden, former editor of the Quindaro Chindowan. Mr. Walden is stumping the southern part of the Territory against "Lecompton," under the auspices of the Republican Club of Topeka....

We have received No. 2 of the Western Metropolitan, published at Kanzas City by Bates & Gilson. It is a large and neatly printed paper....It is understood to favor the Free Labor movement....

We are in regular receipt of the Daily Journal of Commerce, a new daily published at Kanzas City, Mo., by Van Horn & Abeel....